In the ever expanding hemp and cannabis industries there are many companies and brands but a few that are exceptional. Below is 's opinion of industry hemp leaders, best practice hemp manufactures, best hemp products, largest hemp producers, industry leaders, legal resources, lobbying groups, marketing and information sites.

Medical Marijuana Inc (OTC:MJNA)
First public hemp and cannabis company.
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CanChew Biotechnology
Patented cannabinoid based gum. Currently developoing cannabinoid based medical products in a gum delivery system.
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PhytoSphere Systems
One of the largest producers of hemp in the world and is spearheading the development of hemp and cannabis based compounds.
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Marijuana Policy Project
Largest and most successful cannabis lobbying group in the world.
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US Hemp Oil
Best customer service, best CBD retail products and focused on brining the Hemp industry home campaign.
Online resources page that compaires pro's and con's of major social and political topics. Facebook Twitter

Public hemp based investment company, developing all aspects of hemp products, services and production.

Online resource for cannabis, marijuana, hemp and alike.
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CanChew Gum
Hemp based CBD gum. First and patented cannabinoid based gum. Delivering 10mg of CBD per piece.
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